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Hello Aimee,

Welcome to the Winter 2019 edition of The View. In this edition we have an update on the Komamboga Children, news on Online Sponsorship, and talk about how giving somebody just a little bit of support, can change their lives.

St Paul's dance into victory, Five Talents, and Online Sponsorship.
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THANK YOU, Mama Harriet!  
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We arrive in Rukungiri late on a Sunday. Here in the west of Uganda, overlooking high undulating hills with steep fluted slopes, stands St Paul’s Community Primary School.

Our first taste of St Paul’s is early on Monday morning when it sounds as if someone has switched on a PA system right outside our rented house. In fact, it is the children at St Paul’s beginning their school day with an assembly. Their songs of praise ring out from the hilltop, like an audible beacon; full of life and enthusiasm for the new week ahead. You see, education is celebrated here; it’s a privilege, something you hold on to.


"It's not about what it is...'s about what it can become."

This Christmas, we are appealing for your help to support the children of the St Paul’s Community.

We know not everyone can afford £20 a month, but even a contribution of £1.50 can make a difference.

It was wonderful to see Fairy and Bob again. Fairy and Bob, who are members of the Trubish family, were two of the first generation Komamboga children (FGKC).

The Trubishes (also including Asha and Steve) rent two houses next door to each other. There is such a lovely, peaceful, happy atmosphere in their homes. The families, especially their children, move freely between the two houses. Fairy tells me that she wanted to create a home that was like ‘The Home’. She says, ‘We even have the same trees in the compound’.

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It was such a simple suggestion from the Afar Regional Authority: “Help us to build classrooms at the Komame Senior School for our Grade 11 and 12 students and they will get a chance to complete their education here in the Afar region”. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones.

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In the last edition of ‘The View,’ we featured the story of a St Paul’s project family, whose papyrus roof was badly leaking, making the house uninhabitable.

Last year, a CPA team, along with supporters and members of the local community, worked together to help replace the old roof with a new corrugated iron one.

Since that last visit, something remarkable has happened. Click here to find out what.

Every year we ask our project partners how we can help to support the people that they work with, in the best possible way. This then enables us to offer you the chance to buy a ‘Gift of Love’ that can really make a difference.

This year, the St Paul’s Community would really appreciate Maize and Bean Seeds, Garden Tools, Water Tanks, and Mattresses. Click here to find out more.

Celebrating a shared journey.

In the latest final word, Rosey talks about ten years of working with St Paul's, and some of the amazing things they have achieved.

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Thanks for reading and your ongoing support.
With love from,
Chris, Rosey, Paul, Richard, Raymond, Rose & Aimee x
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